Water Cooler topic of the day.

In a world full of 5 minute this and 5 minutes to that, ideas that woman seem to absolutely love,  5 minutes to flat abs, 5 minute tight glutes, 5 minutes to fabulous,  full work out in 5, facials and firmer skin in 5, 5 minute meals, you get the picture.  

Why, don’t woman appreciate the “5 minute love it and let it rip” sex session?



Taking another look at the same view

Love  and other such pitfalls.

Love and other such pitfalls.

I don’t take life to seriously, honestly never have,  and I approach all relationships with a required sense of humor, which I feel strongly is a necessity for each of us to possess in order to simply survive our daily lives, much less,  regular interactions between men and woman.

Here, I offer a real female perspective as the main course, with a hint of male reasoning for flavor, smothered in a sweet sauce of amusing wit and topped with the occasional sprinkle of sarcasm.

As I see it, love can be a joke, and at times I’ve seen that men are the basic punchline, but the trials and tribulations of relationships are as real as they get and good, honest, advice is hard to come by.

Or you can try Dr Phil or Cosmo.  I hear they are full of all sorts of “useful” information.

Truly, RR