About VaVice 4 Dicks

“My penis is such a dick.”  This is one of my favorite lines.

This page is dedicated to all men in search of answers to THOSE questions that only another woman could answer.

It all started so simply with a single coworker with woman troubles seeking my advice.  He would come in to the office weekly sometime more and simply say “I need to borrow your vagina again today”.  This meet “woman trouble, need help”. A language we developed over the years to cut right to the point.  What started as an occasional session “counseling on my couch” became a regular water cooler event.

I have no formal training and don’t pretend to know everything, usually, but I am a woman and have a vagina and not a penis.  Enough said.

So, I am here to offer you the same advice for the same price on your “female friend” issues.  Whether you are married, single, have a FWB (friend w/benefits), girlfriend, secret crush, a mother, sister or daughter I have the advice for you.

Chat at you soon RR


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