Water Cooler topic of the day.

In a world full of 5 minute this and 5 minutes to that, ideas that woman seem to absolutely love,  5 minutes to flat abs, 5 minute tight glutes, 5 minutes to fabulous,  full work out in 5, facials and firmer skin in 5, 5 minute meals, you get the picture.  

Why, don’t woman appreciate the “5 minute love it and let it rip” sex session?



2 thoughts on “Water Cooler topic of the day.

  1. Hmm…well let’s hope that noodle isn’t overcooked!
    I think that there are plenty of women that would appreciate a 5 minute session. However, I agree that the problem lies with whatever is (or is not) going on beforehand…or no hands, or whatever! Anyway, in my experience, if there is that mood of sweetness and romance in the male throughout the day, the woman is ready to go at any time. I think we as women, have a hard time switching from the “where the hell are my socks and sandwich” to that period before “where the hell are my cigarettes” without any romance though.
    I should note here that romance isn’t what every man thinks (i.e. buying her flowers). For me romance is something as simple as shoveling my sidewalk when I am busy. I know women who love the fact that their man starts the car for them every morning. Now, I know, that those men are letting the car warm up, so the wives don’t score a cylinders, but hey – if it makes them feel special, we’ll let that deception carry on!
    My point is, that for most women, it is not the big stuff, but the little things that their men do for them consistently, that are the turn on.

  2. The only real answer to this is simple, Let use the water analogy for this one. It is likely, that your woman, initially, is more like cool a pot of water, calm(ish), still, just chilling, waiting for something to happen. In no way is she generally ready to set the room on fire at this point. In order to get this water (your woman) worked up, you must apply some stimulation, ie: heat. Turn that up. You’ll notice that as things heat up, she (the water in this case) begins to move, she bubbles, and soon begins to steam. Now she is ready to cook up whatever you are dishing out.

    IMPORTANT to NOTE that without allowing for the proper prep time you noodle will not be fully cooked and your meal will not be fully satisfying.

    Your friend, Giena

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