1 in a million

One in a Million does not mean “You have a a chance.”


Main Mistakes Men make in the bedroom

Get a clue!  (whether it be verbal or physical) 

Listen to your woman.  She will tell you or show you what she likes or wants.

 As previously discussed, Warming up that engine properly before you hit the accelerator.

In other words – foreplay, foreplay, foreplay!

Hose off n Trim the hedge.

Shit, Shower n Shave.  Seriously.

Voice it.

Use your sexy, deep “Barry White” voice to tell her when you like something.

Water Cooler topic of the day.

In a world full of 5 minute this and 5 minutes to that, ideas that woman seem to absolutely love,  5 minutes to flat abs, 5 minute tight glutes, 5 minutes to fabulous,  full work out in 5, facials and firmer skin in 5, 5 minute meals, you get the picture.  

Why, don’t woman appreciate the “5 minute love it and let it rip” sex session?